The Search for a New Executive Director

The search for the new Executive Director of the IGDA is on.

The members of the search committee are Tobi Saulnier (Chair), Mitzi McGilvray, Chuck Sapp, Don Daglow, and Gordon Walton. Our rationale in these choices were to select two Board Members (although Mitzi’s term has just expired, she is a past Chair and past Chair of our Governance committee); one member from our Association Management Company, Talley Management Group (that’s Chuck), to provide perspective from an Association Industry point of view; and two respected members of the Game Development Community, Don & Gordon, who have through the years a high regard for the IGDA and its values, and who have a perspective on how the IGDA may be falling short of its goals and what kind of person may help us remedy that.

We will be posting the status of the search regularly, although naming names is not possible because some of the candidates may not wish their candidacy to be known (especially to their current employers!). The ED position is NOT restricted to Board Members, or even to current IGDA members. Anyone can apply. As to how to do that, the search committee will be making that information (along with a job description, etc.) available soon.

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