31 May 2009

A controversy has sprung up in recent days around one of our Board members. Stories have appeared on websites, comments have been made on blogs, and emails have been sent to the IGDA calling for us to “take action.”

Although it may appear to some that we are merely circling the wagons to protect a fellow board member, the fact is that the IGDA cannot take a position in what is actually a legal dispute between two companies regarding an alleged trademark infringement. Whether or not a company has behaved lawfully is a matter for the courts to decide, not the IGDA board.

What we can do is reiterate the principles that are important to us. We are squarely on the side of developers (our members are individuals – not companies). We believe that Trademark and IP protection is vitally important to independent developers – establishing and owning a successful franchise is a goal that many of us share.

Our Board of Directors – volunteers elected by our members – are pledged to support the core principles of the IGDA, and I can state unequivocally that each of us is working hard to further the goals of the organization.