IGDA Partnership with GDC Europe

Gordon Bellamy here. We are proud to share that we are continuing and improving our long standing partnership with Think Services for the upcoming GDC Europe event in Cologne Germany , August 17th – 19th, 2009.

GDC Europe provides a great opportunity for our SIGs and Chapters to convene, learn and share game knowledge and experiences this summer.

Thanks to the collaboration and guidance from our chapter leaders and SIG leaders across the globe, we will have an on-site IGDA meeting room for the entire event, whose schedule for Chapter and SIG get togethers will be scheduled and listed in the GDC Europe program.

There is a 10% Discount for all IGDA Members… so be sure to send people to

http://www.igda.org/join because this discount ALONE more than covers their annual membership.

Details to follow from the SIG and Chapter leaders.



to learn more about your respective Chapters and SIGs of interest and what their GDC Europe specific plans may be in the weeks ahead.

And IGDA is also of course a key contributor to the show’s content. We will highlight key talks by IGDA members in the weeks ahead as well.

IGDA Members receive a 10% discount off of Main Conference and All Access Passes when they register with code: GDCEIGDA

Register before the end of early registration (7/29) and save even more.

any questions/suggestions are encouraged and appreciated. . . gordon@igda.org

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