Board Member Updates

Hi everyone,

Here is the latest round of activity updates from our Board Members.

Coray Seifert

  • Working with Joseph Sapp and Joshua Caulfield to speed up rate of chapter chartering process.
  • Secretary stuff, including getting the word out about new meeting minutes format.
  • Helping out with GameX.

Gordon Bellamy

  • Completed agreement with GDC Europe.  Major discount for members plus a meeting room available for us throughout.
  • Helped arrange IGDA sponsorship agreement with Autodesk
  • Working on sponsorships for IGDA Leadership forum.
  • Preparing for GDC Austin

Tobi Saulnier

  • Participated in calls with our Web Portal developer
  • Treasurer work, including new set of updated financials.
  • Coordinating with Talley in switching over to QuickBooks

Jamil Moledina

  • Working on agreement with an industry sales professional who will reach out to traditional and new sponsors in support of IGDA activities and events.

Tim Langdell

  • Attended an in-person meeting with the web developers in Montreal along with Tobi, Joe Casey and Joseph Sapp (with Joshua on the phone). Meeting lasted one day and went well. Have since been having weekly conference calls and reports from the developers.

Brenda Brathwaite

  • SIG coordination.
  • Exploring potential PR relationships

Mark DeLoura

  • Worked with IGDA Leadership Forum to help coordinate details.  Close to setting final speakers.
  • Talking with IGDA Japan about international chapter relationships

Jen MacLean

  • Governance Committee meeting and associated work.

Tim Train

  • Awards coordination work with AIAS.
  • Coordination with European Games Awards

Tom Buscaglia 

  • Foundation:  Foundation Trustees voted to fund a survey tool for use by various IGDA SIGs.  Also, discussions with the new IGDA Executive Director regarding  best practices to grow the Foundation. 
  • QOL:  Continuing involvement with efforts to transform the former QOL Committee into the new Quality of Life Special Interest Group.  Ongoing work to complete and promulgate both developer and studio surveys related to workplace issues.

 Also Joshua Caulfield, our Executive Director isn’t letting any grass grow under his feet, and you can read what he’s up to at:


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