IGDA Members Only Webinars

I had the pleasure of presenting one of the new IGDA Members Only Webinars.  This is a great new addition to the IGDA member benefits.  It is something that the IGDA Board had talked about from time to time for years but never really got anywhere much past that. The new IGDA Executive Director, Joshua Caulfield, had the same idea shortly after he started several months ago for the IGDA doing Webinars as a way to deliver tangible value to our members.  The difference being, this time instead of it ending up as just more talk, Joshua made it his mission to actually make it happen!  And now, we have a great program that I am sure will do nothing but get better and better.

My presentation, entitled “Indie Gold: Downloadable Content Models for Core Casual Games,” went well, though to be honest, it was sort of weird doing my first virtual presentation.  I am used to getting some feedback from an audience when I present.  But once I got into a groove, it went well.  I did my best to deliver valuable information to the members in attendance and from the feedback, I think I succeeded.  I know that the IGDA will be posting a recording of the Webinar soon. But if you are interested in getting it right away, here is a link to it in my recent blog post HERE.

Keep an eye out for an announcement regarding the next IGDA Members Only Webinar.  Who knows, you might learn something!

GL & HF!

Tom Buscaglia

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