IGDA Technology Advisory Group

21 December 2009

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be a part of our Technology Advisory Group (TAG). We had an amazing array of people volunteer, including some great CTO- and Tech Director-level people from game studios and publishers. Five people were selected for TAG who have direct experience¬†with web-related communications protocols and servers, and the ability and willingness to dive into the codebase and help us optimize and enhance our systems. The people we have chosen have a broad range of tech backgrounds, but all have experience with high-performance web servers, with Drupal or the like, with LAMP and with PHP. We have yet to convene as a group but we’re looking forward to getting started after the holiday.

TAG members include Stuart Klingman, Erik Erwitt, Nicolas Di Fiore, Duane Jeffers, and Benjamin Gifford. Joshua Caulfield, Tobi Saulnier, Joseph Sapp and I will also be a part and guide the efforts of the team.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered to be part of TAG. We will no doubt be asking you for your feedback as well as we make changes and improvements to the website and communication systems!

—Mark DeLoura