New IGDA Board Officers

At the monthly Board meeting today we elected two new officers to fill our vacant Secretary and Vice Chair positions. The new Vice Chair is Jane Pinckard and the new Secretary is Darius Kazemi (that’s me). The Secretary position was vacated when Brian Robbins became our new Chair last week. The Vice Chair position was vacant by design: it exists for six months, leading up to the next Chair election, slated for early Spring 2011, at which point the position remains vacant for another six months.

I’m looking forward to serving as Secretary. My role-specific duties include making sure that meeting minutes are taken and that they’re approved to be posted to the website for the public to see. I serve on the Executive Committee (along with the Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer) and also the Marketing and Communications Committee (MarComm). I’m also charged with ensuring that our records are in order.

The current slate of officers is:

Brian Robbins – Chair
Jane Pinckard – Vice Chair
Tom Buscaglia – Treasurer
Darius Kazemi – Secretary
Tobi Saulnier – Chair Emeritus

As always I can be contacted at if you have any questions!

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