Board Update – July 17th, 2012

Hello IGDA Members!

The IGDA Board blog will be evolving slightly to better serve our members – we will start publishing updates here on a more regular basis. Some of the items you’ll see will include notices regarding upcoming board meetings, links to our meeting minutes (so you can see what happened), and news about some of the various projects the board is working on.

To kick this off, we’re announcing the next board meeting, which will be held this Thursday, July 19th. With the 2nd Annual IGDA Summit happening next week, the meeting will likely focus primarily on the event, but you can still look forward to some brief updates on the website improvement project, our current financial status, and other items.

We also posted our most recent meeting minutes for public consumption and you can view them here:

Lastly, we hope to see many of you at IGDA Summit where your fellow board members, staff, and a slew of awesome volunteers and members have put together a great set of sessions that will help inspire you and give you tools you need to make better games. You can find out all about the event at

Thanks again for helping make this organization great!
IGDA Board of Directors

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