A Brief Note

4 September 2013

We appreciate that Darius Kazemi decided to engage the IGDA both as a former volunteer and board member as well as more recently in his latest blog post regarding his thoughts on why he left the IGDA as a board member. The IGDA is always looking for feedback and aims to understand what members and non-members alike are thinking.

It’s important to clarify that the primary duty of a board member is NOT fiscal responsibility.  Our primary duty is to advocate on behalf of game developers to ensure quality of life, the perpetuation of our craft and help prepare the next generation of developers. While accomplishing this, the board members do have a fiduciary duty to the members of the IGDA to spend their money in pursuit of these goals, not to the existence of the IGDA organization.

The IGDA is not a faceless monolith. It is filled with many individuals with many ideas (some opposing), many of whom have put in hours, months and even years working very hard and very genuinely to improve the industry – not only for IGDA members, but for everyone involved in game development. It’s disappointing to see that there is such misconception as to the individuality and achievements of the volunteers, board members, executive directors, and members.

If we were to ever discern that the best interest of the members was to disband the organization, then we would. Again, the IGDA exists to facilitate a global aggregation of passionate game developers who wish to support one another in advocacy, community and professional development.

Our track record is public. The IGDA is and continues to be an effective force, despite its challenges.

Clearly the above list is incomplete. But more important than any specific achievement is the hard work, good intentions and dedication of our membership and volunteers. We are so fortunate to have some incredible people amongst our ranks – and more than anything else, Kazemi’s post diminishes them and their hard efforts.

It is easy to became disenchanted with the behind the scenes running of a non-profit.  Advocating for game developers is hard, thankless, and often controversial work. But the board doesn’t think disengaging or giving up is ever the answer. We are committed to continue working with anyone willing to donate their time to make our industry a better environment for everyone involved – a cause to which we as an organization are still deeply committed.

Dustin Clingman
Chair, IGDA Board of Directors