2011 IGDA Board Election Results

23 March 2011

It gives me great pleasure to announce the election results for the IGDA Board of Directors. A total of 1,418 ballots were cast. Unfortunately we did not meet quorum (we fell 154 votes short), but we saw an encouraging increase in voter participation, with participation 18% this year, almost twice the 11% we had in 2010.

Since we did not meet quorum, the election was declared void and the Board this morning selected the new board members. As is custom, we decided to select the top five vote getters for the five available seats. Since one of the seats was only for a one year term (vacated by Gordon Bellamy upon taking the Executive Director position), the person with the fifth highest vote count was selected to that seat.

Selected to the four available 3-year seats:

  • Brian Robbins, Founder, Riptide Games Total Votes: 549
  • Feargus Urquhart, CEO, Obsidian Entertainment Total Votes: 532
  • Dustin Clingman, CEO, ZeeGee Games Total Votes: 517
  • Cordy Rierson, Director, University Talent Development, Microsoft Game Studios Total Votes: 480

Selected to the one available 1-year seat:

  • Scott Berfield, Executive Producer, Center for Serious Play, University of Washington, Bothell Total Votes: 476

And the remaining vote count:

  • Grant Shonkwiler, Game Designer, AMI Entertainment Network Inc Total Votes: 467
  • Corvus Elrod, Semionaut & Narrative Designer, Zakelro Story Studio Total Votes: 408
  • Michael Lubker, Producer & Business Development Manager, Paper Child Studios Total Votes: 401
  • Glen A. Schofield, CEO, Sledgehammer Games Total Votes: 307
  • John Vignocchi, Director of Development, Disney Interactive Total Votes: 249
  • Jeff Goodsill, Vice President and General Manager, Tencent Boston Total Votes: 237
  • Darion Lowenstein, Development Director, Electronic Arts Total Votes: 229

Congratulations to our new Board members, and thank you to Tim, Mark, and Tom, our outgoing Board members!