Tom Buscaglia Elected Chair, IGDA; Justin Berenbaum, Jon Grande, Anne Toole Join Board

16 April 2014

MOUNT ROYAL, NJ ‐ 16 April 2014 – Tom Buscaglia was elected chair of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) during the April 2014 board of directors’ meeting. Also elected to officer positions were Jon Grande, secretary, and Ed Fries, re-elected treasurer. Dustin Clingman becomes chair emeritus.

Justin Berenbaum, Jon Grande and Anne Toole also joined the board in April as first‐term members.

Buscaglia, who returned to the board for a third term starting in 2013, said, “I think we have a great team this year which should make my tenure as IGDA chair that much easier. I look forward to a productive and fun year ahead for the IGDA.”

A new chair and new trustees were also appointed to the IGDA Foundation for 2014.

“As one of the founders of the IGDA charitable foundation, I am pleased to see Luke Dicken stepping up to take on the role I am vacating, foundation chair,” said Buscaglia. “As a charity by developers for developers, the IGDA Foundation has the potential to accomplish great things, not just for IGDA Members, but for everyone in the game development community.”

Dicken, who will now take over as chair of the foundation, was appointed to a 3-year term on the board of trustees while Fries was appointed to a 2-year term.

IGDA’s complete list of 2014‐2015 Directors:

  • Tom Buscaglia (Chair) – The Game Attorney
  • Jon Grande (Secretary) – Chief Product Officer & General Manager, Tap Slots Inc.
  • Ed Fries (Treasurer) ‐ Former VP, Microsoft Studios
  • Dustin Clingman (Chair Emeritus) – CEO, PlaysTogether
  • Justin Berenbaum – VP of Business Development & Strategic Relations, 505 Games
  • Luke Dicken – Founder, Robot Overlord Games
  • Sheri Graner Ray – Founder, Zombie Cat Studios
  • Sheri Rubin – Founder, Design Direct Deliver
  • Anne Toole – Writer, The Write Toole

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About the International Game Developers Association (IGDA)
In its 20th year, the International Game Developers Association is the largest non‐profit membership organization serving individuals who create video games. The IGDA is committed to advancing the careers and enhancing the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community. For more information on the IGDA, please visit

About the IGDA Foundation
The IGDA Foundation supports the mission of the International Game Developers Association, “To advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community,” through educational, scientific and charitable works. For more information on the IGDA Foundation, please visit


Board Talk – Dustin Clingman for April 2014

14 April 2014

dustin_160x1602014 marks my 15th year as a professional in the Game Industry. How time flies! Nearly my entire career, I’ve been a volunteer for IGDA. I was advised by the late Erick Wujcik that being a member of the (then) CGDA was the responsibility of all developers. He told me it was our obligation to “pay forward” the help we receive throughout our careers. I joined up and tried to help as much as I could to honor Erick’s advice and his memory.

I’m very proud of the things that the IGDA has been able to accomplish during its first 20 years. Thousands of lives have been touched and improved by the hard work of countless volunteers around the world. It would be very easy to be satisfied with the fruits of those labors, but in truth it’s not enough.

We are a young industry full of bright and creative minds. The fact that we make so many poor choices is baffling at times. It’s time for our industry to define ourselves through bold choices and deliberate actions before the opportunity is permanently forfeited.

For as much as the IGDA has accomplished, there is still much yet to do. To be specific, there are two specific subjects that I believe require a massive shift in focus from the IGDA and its Membership immediately.

The IGDA needs to more actively combat racism in the game industry! We need to ask our Membership to publicly decry racism and to oppose it anywhere in our industry. We need our Industry Partners to also publicly align with our mission to stamp out this foul behavior anywhere it may be found.

The IGDA needs to actively fight against misogyny in the games industry! We need to provide education and training to arm our membership as to what steps to take to improve working conditions for women around the world. We need our Industry Partners to vocally oppose misogynistic behaviors on any level in their organizations and help provide resources to advance the cause of women in the game industry.

These causes are worthy of our time and focus. They represent some of the most important next steps in our Industry’s maturity. It is my sincere hope that we continue to see the IGDA’s leadership on these issues.

This month concludes my term as Board Chair. As I reflect upon my term, I’m personally humbled to have worked with the thousands of volunteers who make the IGDA operate. We’re blessed to have an outstanding Board of Directors and an amazing Executive Director in Kate Edwards.

The future is bright, let’s claim it together!

Dustin Clingman