Election Results

25 March 2010

I’m pleased to bring you the specific results of the recent election for five new seats on the IGDA Board of Directors.

Our records show that 907 members voted. This means we did not reach quorum, but 11% of the membership voted, which is pretty typical of most elections – both at a national and local level as well as association elections.

So yeah, we’re average. Naturally as game developers we all want to be at the top of the leaderboard, not somewhere in the middle, so we’re not satisfied with this level of voter turn-out. We want more!… next year.

We’d like to hear your ideas for how to improve voter turn-out. Several new things were attempted this year, but there’s got to be a better way. Any suggestions? (Use the comments here or send your favorite board member an email.)

These are the numerical results:

(Remember, with approval voting members were allowed to vote for as many people as they approved of, not just one, so the numbers aren’t going to add up to just 907.)

Top 5
– Darius Kazemi 403
– Coray Seifert 340
– Jane Pinckard 307
– Wendy Despain 258
– David Edery 252

The remainder in order:
– Ian Schreiber 228
– Michelle Hinn 185
– Ann Burkett 168
– John Hight 148
– Ed Magnin 136
– Chuck Hoover 132
– Mike Worth 124
– Sean Kane 121
– Genevieve Lord 115
– Chris Hood 109
– Dino Dini 109
– Michael Lubker 94
– Charles Schulz 80
– Ron Schaffner 75
– John C. Ardussi 63
– Phil Bourke 62
– Eric Francksen 57
– Paul Skiera 44

Since we didn’t reach quorum, technically the board had to declare the election void (it’s in the bylaws). However, they still needed to fill those five seats on the board so the remaining board members chose to appoint the five candidates with the most votes.

And as one of those newcomers to the board, I’d like to say thanks – both to the board for appointing me, and to every member who voted.

Wendy Despain

Board meeting minutes posted

17 March 2010

At today’s meeting of the Board of Directors the meeting minutes backlog was approved by the board. You can review the minutes for all previous meetings on our IGDA Board Minutes page. The minutes for our Nov 2009, Dec 2009, Jan 2010 and Feb 2010 meetings were all added today.

Meet your new IGDA Board members

2 March 2010

The IGDA elections are complete.  Though we did not meet quorum we had more than 10% voter turnout and an exciting election with a significant expansion on the amount of information available on candidates.

We are very happy to announce that Wendy Despain, David Edery, Darius Kazemi and Jane Pinckard have been appointed to the IGDA Board of Directors and that Coray Seifert has been appointed to an additional term on the Board. These 5 people were the top vote getters in our largest ever slate of candidates. Each will bring a different perspective and direction to our board, and they all look forward to serving our membership as we continue our mission to advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers.

A formal announcement of the new board members, along with the officers for the coming term will be made once officers have been selected in the next couple weeks, but we wanted to let everyone know who was chosen to the board as soon as possible.

The entire board looks forward to speaking with many of you at GDC next week, and continuing to work on your behalf in the coming year.


Your IGDA Board of Directors