Board Minutes and New Website – 14 October 2013

14 October 2013

Hello IGDA Members,

We have a new website! This new website is thanks to the hard work of our staff, volunteers, and the teams at Talley and We’d like to send our huge thanks and congratulations to everyone who made that happen.

Here’s a brief rundown on how this change took place:

  • Mid-May: The Board decides at our annual offsite to not only redo the website but also transition to a better functioning membership database.
  • Late June: The staff completes its research and proposes a solution that includes the cost of a new membership database and reduces a lot of other ongoing expenses all while costing less than the original proposals for just a website redesign!
  • July: The website team selects a layout, starts creating the base design, deciding on launch content, and begins preparing the transition to the new membership database.
  • August and September: Things are moving full steam ahead and launch content begins to get updated and moved over to the new website – for more information on future plans for the website read Kate’s latest ED Blog here.
  • October 1st: Just over 4 short months since the board offsite vote the new IGDA website was launched – hurray!

We feel this is a great step forward for the org and we hope you will check it out at

In more mundane news…

Meeting minutes for our 22 August meeting are up here:

The September minutes will be reviewed (and hopefully approved!) at our next meeting on Thursday, 17 October.

As always if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us here in the comments section or at

Yours in service,
IGDA Board of Directors